Millennium Falcon: The Greatest spaceship ever made

The Millennium Falcon has a glorious history created AFTER the original three films. The Falcon is meant to be respected.

The ship is not only a mode of flying across the distant galaxies but instead part of the cast in the movie itself. First on Tatooine in the fourth movie , we hear of a ship that is something of an avionic ‘hero’. She’s the ship that can go with “.5 past light speed.”
She can “fly faster than Imperial Star cruiser’s… the BIG Corilian ships!”
Why she even made the “Kessel Run in less than 12 Parsecs!”

She’s fast! In fact she’s the “fastest hunk a’ junk in the galaxy!”-Lando Carlrissian.

She is fast AND manoeuvrable! So if she can’t outrun something it will maneuver it for sure.  Falcon is full of surprises and after a lot of modifications she became the Falcon

When an Imperial Tie -Fighter’s is chasing you in an asteroid field it has such styles that she can fly between them with ease like a piece of cake. And when the imperial fleet is after you while you are having troubles with out of light speed there are no worries because you are flying in the ‘Falcon’. She is sleak and can easily hide herself in a giant space worm’s tip , or on a much larger ship by using the docking clams, and then just leave like it was never there.

Now Flacon is something incredible that one have never seen ever in his/her cinematic life.


Luke is pressing down the final leg of the trench in ‘The New Hope’ while Vader is about to get a lock on him, but suddenly out of no where the Millennium Falcon appears on the Death Star’s scanners! Grand Moff Tarkin even after being informed he just rejects is calling it a “piece of junk”(Luke’s quote) and ignores the threat to the station

However the ‘Falcon’ has few tricks of her own and the final shot delivered by Han destroying Vader’s wing men and sending the Sith Lord- tumbling out of control and out of Luke’s way. The same ship the Moff ignored earlier in his “Moment of Triumph”

If ever a ship was a hero, she was then!

She played hero every time she was needed, it was her that Princess Leia escaped from Vader’s clutch.
Again, ‘The Falcon’ is saves the only hope the galaxy has to defeating the ‘dark side’ of the ‘force’ by rescuing Luke while dangling from beneath Cloud City with one hand!

And then destroying the yet to be complete, but “fully armed and operational” NEW Death Star! Her greatest achievement of all.

This time her former owner Lando pilots her, who lost her to Han in a card game, but then he gets into her cockpit hoping she ‘saves his life at least ONE MORE time’! Falcon flies in her classic style accross a system of space station chain to the reactor core while being persued by imperial fighters. He fires a series of missiles and then moves for the exhaust post hoping that Falcon outruns the fire storm. And she does that.

If you are struggling with an answer to find another ship as sleek and trusted as much is the Falcon, I’ll offer you this quote from Han Solo as help:

“Good luck. You’re gonna need it”!


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One thought on “Millennium Falcon: The Greatest spaceship ever made

  1. Brian Eli August 8, 2015 at 12:24 am Reply

    When the old timers refer to our decline as a society they are metaphorically comparing how we feel today to the spirit that the Millenium Falcon exudes. We identify because that ship was once America! It is what spirit that those of us who have lived for a while yearn for and most of those who are young lack. Think I am wrong. Watch how I am attacked after posting this….

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