Avengers vs. X-Men: From Battleground Part 1

Last week started the epic battle between two of the marvel universe’s powerhouses after Cable went all berserk and fought with Spiderman. After being teased for months now the time is here for the epic battle to start which will decide the fate of marvel universe. I don’t want to go on about if it will be awesome or end up like fear itself but want to talk about the odds in the battle. The blog turned out to be long so I decided to cut it into two parts which I’ll publish sometime in this week.

The Commanders


Cyclops: The leader of the X-men who parted his ways with Wolverine after the events of Schism and during Regenesis will do anything to protect the interest of his community. He wants to tap the phoenix force and wants to help the mutant kind. He might be selfish and now working with the big guns like Magneto, Emma and Sabestian Shaw but in his POV whatever he does is in the interest of his community. Few years back 90% of the mutant population got wiped from the planet and now when Hope is the new Phoenix he’ll use her in the best way as he can and won’t let anyone harm her. In past few years Cyclops went through lot of personal tragedies most importantly loosing Jean and then his own brother Havok and his daughter Rachel turn back on him taking sides with Wolverine. He is bad and ruthless can go to any step to save Hope. We have seen this, he let Nightcrawler die didn’t cared about his own son. He leads a group of Mutants who can do anything on his command. They won’t care if Cyclops ordered them to Nuke a town because they know whatever he does is best in their interests. If Avengers want Phoenix they’ll have to go through him and going through him means going through entire Utopia. People predict that this may be Cyclops’s last battle but who know where it goes.


Captain America: The leader of Avengers works what is best to protect all of the humankind and earth. He is battle tested and a master strategist, when he wants to get something that means he’ll get it. Unlike X-Men Avengers is a group of individual superheroes with their own personal interests as well. Steve Rogers might be the leader of the team but they are not like they’ll end up doing whatever Cap wants them to do. Also Avengers trust him and they know whatever decision Steve takes is in Mutual interest for everyone. He has worked with X-Men in the past and might already have figured out their weakness and strengths. The first battle is going to take place on Utopia itself and Cap has a lot of experience about fighting on enemy’s turf. Captain is not a selfish nutjob who will throw everyone into mindless war without thinking for a while. It’s his job to protect earth from all consuming Phoenix force and he’ll do his job well and at any cost.




The Generals

Luke Cage

Luke Cage has proven to be an unorthodox, but pretty effective leader of the New Avengers. He’s the by default leader of his Avengers team, but not by his choice but because of situations. He is a family guy, but his integrity and dignity has put him in a leadership even if he wants it or not. He’s Prone to sometimes forgetting that he is the leader. But when he stands on principle, it’s tough for people not to fall in behind him. Luke is a guy who has no trouble speaking his mind and acting on his beliefs he tends to make decisions for himself and then others follow along in his wake. He is very much guided by his ideology of how he wants his infant daughter to someday view him. He wants to be moral and worthy. Civil War affected Luke’s personal and family life the most and won’t go blindly with things rather he’ll examine and if they are right on his morals and principles he can make the hardest decisions possible.



Wolverine is a highly skilled covert operative and warrior. With the current incarnation of X-Force, he probably lives a easy life because that is a team of badasses. He knows they can take care of themselves. Like Cyclops Wolverine too had a lots of personal losses including loss of Jean as well and then is best friend Nightcrawler. He is more focussed towards the term called horrors of war and that’s why he won’t just go hacking and slashing in middle of the battlefield. Wolverine doesn’t shy away from others challenging his authority. The X-Men he’s surrounded himself with — Kitty, Beast, Rachel and even Iceman — aren’t the type to blindly follow orders. All of them examine the situation first and then act. They all are like Wolverine and ready to make some tough decisions when time comes.


In the next part I’ll talk about the individual heroes and their motives to join either teams and their possible roles when the Battle takes place.


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