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The Turtlegate controversy


Turtlegate as the fans call it is the outrage happened among the fans after filmmaker Michael Bay issued the following statement about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot.

“When you see this movie, kids will believe one day that these turtles do exist, when we’re done with this movie. These turtles are from an alien race, and they’re going to be tough, edgy, funny, and completely lovable.” – Michael Bay

This statement as said seemed like Bay trying to changed the Ninja turtles origins story from being the genetically altered turtles with super powered strength to a bunch of turtles who belong to some planet of turtles and lost their way to earth.

Michael Bay may not have meant this but they way he changed everything about Transformers and what happened with a number of comic book movies with the basic story being altered to an extent that it offended the fans like the X-Men franchise.

While Teenage Mutant (not aliens) Ninja Turtles should be action filled a good filmmaker would understand and respect the source material.  If made properly this can be a gory and violent movie as once we expected Wolverine movies to be and that will be how we will get a faithful TMNT movie

But sadly this is never going to happen. Michael Bay’s movies are like fast food of movie industry. He is a guy who won’t look any deeper in the source material And as for the director, Jonathan Liebsman, he is nothing more than a clock-punching filmmaker who will come in and give the studio safe, shallow movie that will get them a good opening weekend. Instead of a TMNT that parodies dark comic book movies, we’ll get one that is an overly serious, edgy comic movie. Instead of pointing out the absurdity of the CBM cliches, we’ll get a movie that utilizes all the cliches. It sad, because if we had a filmmaking team that cared, we could have TMNT movie that would live up the legendary comics that started a phenomenon.

The creators of TMNT  are already speaking in favour of Bay and his vision, this may be their personal opinion or lots of Dollars filled in their mouth.  A franchise when spoiled from its original content let whatever be the reason gives the only movie going fans a wrong info about the story. One cannot ask Christopher Nolan to direct every movie gone wrong. Very few in Hollywood respect what fans want instead they go with stuffs that gets them lots of money which end up with some terrible consequences. So the only way to protest is by not going to watch this movie if Bay has an idea as people did with X-Men : First Class and gave it a real slow opening and only saw after excellent reviews started coming up.

Until then, I’m sure people are going to love the jive-talking, alien turtles that come to Earth and fall in love with Pizza.


Review: Justice League Doom

DC animated movies are always a treat, and most importantly, the JLA always gives me a reason to laugh at Batman. On his own, Batman is seen as an idiot, and never heroic, in JLA he is always so insecure that he didn’t even joined the team for a long time just because of the fear of getting overshadowed by others still always ready to take help from JLA in his personal missions, Batman all of a sudden just becomes this asshole, a guy so stupid that it gets on peoples nerves.

The story is very simple, what if some personal enemy of the JLA finds some way to take him out? Well, Batman of course as some arrangement for that too happen, and when the villains get a hold on these documents. What follows, is a well executed attack on the JLA using Batman’s methods. Vandal Savage is a under-rated enemy for JLA since a long time. he has fought JSA and various versions of JLA and came closer to destroying earth multiple number of times and that’s why he serves the best replacement for Ra’s-Al-Gul. Also Cyborg was an idiotic choice as the 8th member of the team but that’s a different story.

The voice cast (which reunites Tim Daly, Kevin Conroy, Susan Eisenberg and others) also increased my excitement greatly. Add in a great Legion of Doom lineup with some new character designs and the battle that takes place in the climax where each JLA member taking on their opponent is well planned. Certainly a watch-able movie.

My Rating 4 out of 5 idiotic excuses given by Batman.