Things to do at Comic Con India New Delhi

If this is your first time attending the Comic-Con and especially if you are not from Delhi , don’t go unprepared and unplanned. Armed with some helpful hints and a heaping dose of common sense, this is your guide for the biggest pop culture fest of the Country from feb 17-19 of this month.

1. A camera is a must: Bring your camera fully charged and take as many pics as you can. Believe me when I say its gonna be an awesome experience.

2. Never take an auto-rikshaw: Always go for metro or buses. Auto drivers charge too much and are never genuine instead go for the nearest metro station (INA Metro Station for Delhi Haat on Yellow line). Also you can take the low floor AC buses. For metro get a card made with a 50 rs refundable deposit which will help you avoid queues for ticket.Also the first compartment of every train is reserved for ladies so take care of that.

3. Rip off all the masks: You’ll find people wearing masks hiding there faces,actually that is not recommended but who knows you may find some comic book enthusiast celeb roaming around with all the freedom and without becoming the center of attention.

3. Keep your luggage minimum: Trust me, you are here for the whole day and a heavy baggage may ruin the feel for you making you tired after a while.

5. Make out time to visit nearby places: Planning to be there for the whole day is not a real good idea. Find out the schedule of the con. Try visiting near by places like Kutub Minar, India Gate and such places especially when you have got the metro its like a chid’s play.

6. Delhi Food: When first time in New Delhi you cannot ignore the super awesome snacks over there.Try chaat and Chole Bhatoore, go for a nice place to have some Aaloo k and other special paranthe and lassi is a must.

7. Take part in activities: Take part in the cosplay contest, check out illustrators in action and and grab the new releases.

8. Avoid The Joker: The Joker is a legend and when you plan to go as him you may end up being lost in the crowd or different types of fellow Jokers and your thunder will be gone. Also its comic-con India so better do some research on Indian comic book characters and get into action. Tinkle is giving away prizes for their character cosplays and becoming Chacha Chowdhry, Shaktiman or Kilvish is not that hard. Remember the original you’ll be the more will be appraisal and attention.

9. Don’t get annoyed: You see a Zombie from the pages of Zombie talkies coming after you or a demon straight from the pages of Karna lurking for you. Don’t get angry instead shoot that zombie in the head because that is going to be the only method for your surival. For ladies its kind of avoid thing after all its Delhi and who knows where you find a eve teaser in disguise

10. Keep the collectibles for yourself: Ask a artist or an illustrator to draw for you or the autograph you get. Keep it up with you and don’t go selling it. I have seen people doing that and that too stupid.

11. Don’t annoy the other attendees: Everyone is entitled for their own likes so don’t go like an idiot judging their choice and giving a stupid remark about it.

13. Don’t leave your kids unattended: Kids love running from here to there and its your responsibility to keep them in check so that they don’t get lost. How hard it could be when there are chances of yourself becoming a kid.Also provide them with a name tag in their pocket just in case they get lost in the crowd.

14. Shopping: Its Delhi and like snacks Shopping is a must. The nearest shoppers destination is Sarojini Nagar Market do visit there and don’t forget to bargain.

15. Lighten up and Enjoy: Everyone is there for fun and you should do the same.

Hope my guide comes in Handy and useful to you and I hope that this year’s comic con gives you a lot of memories to cherish about.


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2 thoughts on “Things to do at Comic Con India New Delhi

  1. Yasmeen February 11, 2012 at 8:26 am Reply

    HAHA!!! you wrote a whole post about it? *nerd-alert* =P

  2. ladynimue February 16, 2012 at 2:41 pm Reply

    good one !

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