X-men: First Class Sequel Ideas


Two days back Fox studios issued a press release telling that they will make a major announcement about new releases from their Marvel Movies franchise. I find it as an opportunity where they can resolve the continuity flaws and other issues by taking some points into consideration.

  1. 1.      Separate the timelines: Alternate universes and multiple timelines do exist in comic books and the idea has been used very frequently and many awesome storylines came out of it. Even in movies and TV series the idea have worked in Harry Potter,Terra Nova and Fringe. The only way to resolve the issues is to go with a Days of the Future past Storyline and state that the events of first 3 x-men movies exist in a separate timeline which ended after sentinels conquered the planet.

2.      Bring Bishop or Cable in the movie: Both are time travellers from different timelines. Bishop is the best person to represent the dystopian future where first 3 x-men movies took place and he travels and meets the x-men of past to rebuild it. While Cable could come to stop Mister Sinister from capturing their Parents.

3.      Brotherhood’s Origins: The Story should feature on Origins of Magneto’s brotherhood.

4.      Nightcrawler’s Origins: Mystique and Azazel should be revealed as Nightcrawler’s birth parents as this is will be the perfect setup where Mystique starts an affair with Azazel and introduce a baby nightcrawler

5.      Historic Continuity: open the film with the Kennedy Assassination, and we reveal that the magic bullet was controlled by Magneto. This will give room to introduce Senator Kelly and Project wideawake

6.      Story Focussing on Jean Gray and Scott Summers: Mr. Sinister may be the villain and he intends to capture Jean Gray and Scott Summers for his own purpose while Cable travels back in time to stop him. While professor X and Magneto want to recruit them too for their own purposes

7.     No Wolverine Cameos please: After making 3 movies about wolverine Fox finally realized that they can make a good X-Men movie without Wolverine. Since the movie takes place after 1964 when Vietnam war had started and according to the timeline he is supposed to serve there so don’t make a forced cameo of his.

8.    No Shi’ar empire or Savage land or Longshot and Mojoverse: These are just too ridiculous part of the X-Men feature and after having  likes of the Hellfire Club in First Class, I don’t think they should really be focusing too much on another organization.

9.   Introduce Forge and Cypher, Dazzler, Storm and Genosha’s Reference: Cypher is by no means an awesome character in my opinion, but I think it would be interesting if they could toss a cameo in there where he’s working with the government In the case of Forge, I’d like to see him working underneath Beast on the technical side of things. Forge could be one of the people influential in creating the Danger Room. Dazzler because 70’s were the age of Disco and who could represent it better than her. Also a reference of Genosha would give fanboys orgasms

10.   Legacy Virus: I think the Legacy Virus would be an interesting story they could adapt into the sequel to First Class. Naturally, if the mutants were falling victim to disease that could spread into the general populace, our government would be concerned, and they could approach Xavier for help. They could maybe also hope to use the Sentinels to quarantine and eradicate the “problem” before it crossed over?

11.    Astral Plane: there was a battle planned for First Class that took place in the astral plane but once Inception came out, it seemed too similar and they scrapped it. I’m very curious to see a film adaptation of this concept. I think it would provide an interesting possibility to give Xavier some action now that he’s crippled.

12.    Cyclops and Jean Gray vs Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch
I think it’s pretty safe to say that the relationship between Xavier and Scott and Jean is somewhat like a father and his son and daughter, so I think they could capitalize on this and create a good storyline with Xavier taking on Scott and Jean as a surrogate father meanwhile Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch (or Polaris) seek out their true father, Magneto, who offers a much less paternal relationship. Magneto and Xavier balance each other out in a lot of opposite ways. In this case, Xavier would be essentially adopting kids that he then recruited into his team, whereas Magneto would be primarily recruiting his kids into his militia and THEN having to become a father to them. Xavier builds a squad out of love, Magneto builds love out of his squad. Plus, there’s the obvious match-up of Cyclops against Quicksilver and Jean against Wanda.

13.    Mimic: The member of X-men who ends up with Brotherhood absorbing all x-men’s powers permanently.

These points can help fixing most of the issues except those in X-Men Wolverine movie. For more read the script written by me for X-Men First class sequels

X-Men: The Brotherhood

X-Men: Days of the future past


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4 thoughts on “X-men: First Class Sequel Ideas

  1. Yasmeen December 31, 2011 at 3:17 pm Reply

    Yaar! main kya kahoon..mere pass shabd nahi hai..another fantastic blog from a great blogger..the best thing about you is that you explain each and everything in so much detail..amazing article, as always..this is Anshul at hios best! 😀

    Goodone yo, 3 cheers

  2. hotelnerd January 2, 2012 at 2:43 am Reply

    I like the ideas of staying away from Wolverine after he dominated the first three movies, giving Cyclops and Jean more depth and screen time. I also love the idea of Sinister as the villain. Using Bishop seems reasonable to me as well, Star Trek has already broken ground on the idea of using time travel to reset the timeline of a franchise and the masses accepted it readily enough. I for one would love to see the movie continuity for X-Men wiped clean and started over from First Class.
    I could take or leave Mimic, the Astral Plain battle, or a lot of the other stuff. I think the problem that some of the superhero sequels have run up against is trying to cram too much in at once. Same with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, if anything they should be saved for an Avengers movie almost. Or if they are used in an X-Men movie use them to tie together with Avengers down the line.
    I could get behind Dazzler being involved in the team, especially if it was a period piece again.
    Sentinels I see as being a tough sell for the big screen, at least as we’re used to seeing them, the towering robots. Especially if this is taking place in the 70s. They’re also a cornerstone piece of the X-Men mythos that has been ignored thus far so I want to see them in some capacity. I think if we see them in their classic form it would only be in Bishop’s future mixed together with more of the OZT/Bastion type Sentinels that are more human sized. I could also see it bleeding together for laymen with the Terminator franchise which they would want to avoid. I don’t know what the solution is though.

    • ansh997x January 3, 2012 at 2:59 pm Reply

      Thanks for the reply bro
      I asked for Sentinels to mix in the Days of the Future past storyline. Also I agree with your time travel concept
      Yes Quicksilver and Scarlet witch can be used in a New Mutants spin off movie or a X-Factor type of movies but ultimately they’ll return to confront Magnus.

  3. Aanchal (@_DesiGirl) January 2, 2012 at 10:51 am Reply

    Although I dont understand comic characters even one bit, but i think whatever has been compiled is very concrete and holds substance 😛
    Well written Anshoooooolllll.. 😀

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