RaOne the Hollywood copycat………

Its been a while we have been reading things about RaOne being a cheap copy cat and a recent news said that RaOne got sued because apparently they copied a already copied idea. Now the thing is what stuffs the movie is copied from other comic books,Games,Graphic novels etc etc etc.

1. The Poster :
The Poster here obviously isn’t copied from Batman Begins because Batman Begins was a epic movie and sorry but RaOne doesnt looks like one. Batman has a suit in the poster while SRK is still seems not confident being about his special RaOne suit or whatever it is,And Look its not the Iron Man’s Arc Reactor on his chest,obviously not because he is a Robot in the movie (A robot who can sing and Dance). Also VFX is used a lot in this movie the poster itself says so with SRK’s six packs.

2. Its not the Iron Man’s Arc Reactor

In RaOne’s First theatrical trailer at 0.09 sec you will see the first image something that powers up RaOne. Now that isnt Tony Stark’s arc reactor that he keeps on his chest which looks like image 2nd and 3rd because that arc reactor keeps Tony Stark who is way cooler than whoever in the first image is  and the Arc Reactor keeps Tony Stark alive and acts like a pacemaker while the thing in first pic (dunno what they call it) is just like a battery which helps a robot run.

2. The Costume doesn’t looks like G.I Joe/Iron Man Amalgam Costume

What if Iron Man had a Costume inspired from various G.I Joe characters with an Arc Reactor slightly moved to right side of his chest What would it looked like. The Answer is not like RaOne because we wont find a arc reactor on right side of chest of SRK glowing in the same way as Iron Man’s costume does. Take any G.I Joe Action Fig and compare it to RaOne it will never match. Also those electric shock waves are not copied from Black Box or Electro and please not Thor

3. Flying off Cars is so cool

The Final Battle of X-men 3 movie makes Magneto use his power to throw cars in Air and Pyro Blasts em off. I didnt got a better snap shot of that fight but it was nothing like RaOne. Someone using their hand to powering up and throwing cars in the air is not like Magneto at all and then the cars aren’t even blasting so not copied at all.

4. Knives coming out again so cool

Thanks to Hugh Jackman adamantium claws became so cool. But The knife coming out of Arjun Rampal’s sleeves is not Adamamentium claws because then there would be an excuse about a single claw that does not comes out from fists. So What it certain characters in Manga Action do this and villains in Elektra do this and it happens frequently in Assassin’s Creed.

5. Tattoos make a perfect villain but wait whats that?

Is that a scene from Gajini,No no thats our own supervillain RaOne with a Hitman barcode Tattoo below his neck and some more Manga Tattoos designed elsewhere That’s something creative just awesome but again not copied from anywhere.

6. I always wanted to be a Ninja

I was not sure which image to insert with it,Not because it will be a shame on those wonderful Ninja movies because in that case I would not have inserted other pics as well but still this doesn’t has any resemblance with The Warriors Way or Ninja Assassin.

7. Whats That Iron Man ?

Well that’s not Iron Man Landing in his signature move though any comic book nerd will recognize the scene from the same movie but its not. Its our very own RaOne with is very on Signature Landing style nothing comparable

8. What Happened to you Taskmaster

So what they both use the same skull face mask the attire is not copied from taskmaster. And what if they both have their eyes glowing at times its still not taskmaster because taskmaster is one of the greatest villains of marvel comics who defeated whole team Avengers by alone. This villain (RaOne) cant be the world’s greatest strategist and mercenary he’s just wearing a glowing skull.

There are still stuffs that RaOne didn’t copied from like a train fight sequence being hyped in every trailer not giving the feel of Rajnikanth’s Robot, or SRK Jumping like The Hulk and flipping like Spiderman. For rest wait for the movie to release and find out what else RaOne didn’t copied.

PS: I am not supporting RaOne by this blog,was simply trying to be sarcastic in which I am so bad.

PS. Sorry for my mistakes and Bad Grammar got no one to correct this time


7 thoughts on “RaOne the Hollywood copycat………

  1. Priya009 October 23, 2011 at 4:33 am Reply


  2. Sahil k Chandra October 23, 2011 at 4:35 am Reply

    I noticed the Hulk like jumping in the trailer.

  3. Piyush October 23, 2011 at 4:36 am Reply

    Dude you wasted your time writing thi shit! Everyone knows RaOne is a cheap copy cat

  4. Nikitha October 23, 2011 at 9:12 am Reply

    Even I noticed that Hitman tattoo

  5. Puja Kandoi Sinha October 23, 2011 at 9:15 am Reply

    It was shitty enough. Real stupid movie with no commonsense

  6. Harry Eastell January 29, 2013 at 6:46 pm Reply

    Do I detect sarcasm?

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