Movie review: Transformers Age of Extinction


Title – Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)

Director – Michael Bay (Transformers: Dark of the Moon)

Cast – Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor, Kelsey Grammer, Stanley Tucci, Titus Welliver, Sophia Myles, Bingbing Li, T.J Miller

Plot – Are you kidding? Plot in Transformers. just a lot of Robots, fighting, more robots, Mark Whalberg, comic relief, robots, product placement, eye candy in the form of a young hot female (definitely not an actress), robots, Frasier and explosions. Don’t forget the explosions!

“Sweetie, get my alien gun!”

With 3 films well and truly done and dusted and with this 4threleasing this year, there is no question that by now everyone knows that what Transformers movie is all about and it totally depends on the viewer if he likes the way these movies take place or not.


It has been four years since the destructive battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons in Chicago, leaving over a thousand civilians dead in the process.  Humans have since cut their alliance with the Autobots, and instead are hunting down and destroying them one by one with the help of Lockdown; a Transformer bounty hunter .  Optimus Prime has decided to go into hiding in Texas, where he is discovered by inventor Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) and his co-worker Lucas (TJ Miller) as an old, worn-out truck.  The Government- led by Kelsey Grammar & Titus Welliver’s CIA characters- realizes Yeager is in possession of an Autobot, and threatens him and his daughter Tessa (Nicola Peltz), only before Optimus helps them escape.

One thing the movie does that is interesting though is it greatly reduces the groups in play. Optimus and the humans soon recruit the last few Autobots still surviving by hiding out; Bumblebee, Crosshairs, Hound and Drift. Acting as a rogue group with their backs against the wall gives them an edge that the previous movies lacked. It was hinted at in “Dark of the Moon” when Optimus proclaims that they will kill all Decepticons once and for all but here, he’s completely lost his faith after losing countless friends protecting humans that ultimately betrayed them.

Unfortunately, for every large action scene/set piece, there’s also weird establishing shots and largely unnecessary moments that drag down an already overstuffed 165 minutes of run time. The script is just as flimsy as ever and introduces tons of new ideas and attempts to add to the lore while largely ignoring everything from the previous films that isn’t the battle of Chicago. Shane, the boyfriend character, is awful and underdeveloped and at times, him and Tessa both just seem like whiny brats.

Which leads to the elephant in the room; Sam Witwicky, Shia LaBeouf’s hero from the first three films is not mentioned once. Nowhere, nothing. It’s hard to believe because not only did he go to robot heaven and find out it’s his destiny to help the Autobots, but given how hard Bumblee and Optimus fought to protect him, watch him and honestly just liked him, they don’t once ask for him to come help or that he’s safe and ok and that’s a move that becomes more and more glaring as the Tessa/Shane relationship feels more and more shoe-horned in, with Shane even dressing almost exactly like Sam from “Dark of the Moon” in the climax.


The plot presents several questions to you, such as the origin of the Transformers, which look like they will be resolved by the end of the movie. They’re not. In fact, by the end of the movie it’s apparent that these are mysteries that will fuel future sequels. But until you reach the end, you’ll get this lingering sense that you missed something in the movie.

Chances are if you are going to see Transformers: Age of Extinction then you know what you’re getting yourself into. You’re prepared for the plot holes, the sub-par acting, and the plethora of explosions. If you just want to see more giant robots fighting the movie certainly delivers that, and we can actually tell which robot is which when they are duking it out. I just think the formula is getting old, but Bay apparently doesn’t think so as the movie sets up yet another sequel to come. If you didn’t enjoy any of the previous movies, you aren’t going to like this one. But for those of you who can’t get enough Transformer action, this installment offers more of the same.

My Score: 6 out of 10

Time runs out in Marvel Universe

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Marvel Universe is going through some unexceptional changes, with Original Sin coming to an end there is a lot happening in the corners of 616 Universe. In other words, time will run out in Marvel universe this September when Avengers #35 and New Avengers #24 will jump 8 month ahead giving a glimpse of how Marvel Universe will look like in April 2015.


Back in April it was announced that Marvel is planning to kill Wolverine, everyone thought that it was another of the gimmicks. As storyline continued Marvel stripped Wolverine of his regenerative abilities and right now Wolverine has around 2 months to live and time is running out for Logan. Death of Wolverine is set for a finale in September.

But this is not where it stops. There are some major changes in Marvel universe. Tony Stark’s group of Illuminati is busy saving their Earth from incursions with another Earths while Fantastic Four fight for their own survival. We are going to meet second person who was bitten by the spider along with Peter Parker. The final incursion is going to take place in September, the same time when Wolverine dies.


In another set of events Captain America got stripped from the effects of Super Soldier Serum and aged rapidly to a 90 year old man leaving the space vacant for a new Captain America. If we trust the teases by Marvel comics and fan theories then Falcon may become the new Captain America in a few months.

What’s next.


Yesterday’s big Marvel announcement revealed that Jason Aaron will introduce a new Female Thor soon as Thor Odinson will be deemed unworthy. It seems that Thundra is the one lifting the hammer, although it is not the first time we will meet a female Thor, Earth X had a female Thor but that was Odinson transformed into a woman by Loki’s magic.

So what’s next? There is a major change we will be seeing with Hulk as his storyline in pages of Savage Hulk and Indestructible Hulk continues, Deadpool is going to be a victim as we will soon get to know who his daughter is and what happed to her and what about Richard Rider returning?

Whatever Happened to Booster Gold


Booster Gold one of the DC’s most underrated characters has vanished from the face of DC universe since the reboot. There is no sign of him except for a short stint in All Star Western there is no sign of the time travelling Superhero.
DC has gone a long way so that no characters remember the world before New 52 but Booster Gold was himself away from the mainstream DC timeline when Flashpoint happened. Booster went to the Flashpoint universe after sensing some trouble and so there are huge chances of him remembering the pre New52 universe even after the reboot. After Booster showed up in All Star Western he slowly lost his memory and it seemed that Booster has no idea of Flashpoint either.
But again and again its been hinted that he still remembers being a time master because he recognizes the vanishing point. In Justice League International we saw an older version of Booster Gold who was working with ARGUS where he drops hints about Booster’s future and about Rip Hunter. This continued when Booster senior started appearing at key moments of DC Universe events and he had a better understanding of DC universe than his younger version. That was the last time we saw both the Boosters with the older version warning him that the relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman would have dire consequences. But seconds later, as Wonder Woman and Superman kissed for the first time, young Booster and old Booster faded from existence — implying their future had somehow been erased by this event. Even though Booster was one of the few including the Flash to be present in the Flashpoint-verse, Booster’s character ultimately did not remember anything afterwords and suffered from “too soon for his time” syndrome.
Everyone thought Booster Gold with return in Trinity War and then he was hinted in Forever Evil but till now there is no sign of him. New 52 Futurees End is like an ideal place where Booster can show up because this series is kind of related to time travel and continuity. Also as Ted Kord has made his debut in New 52 it seems that his Gold buddy will return sooner or later to New 52 universe
DC has F****d up the continuity and its own mythos, the compex timeline that I used to love exists no more and New 52 is too stupid for its own sake. They have sidelined my favorite heroes and characters and gives shitty titles that no-one cares about multiple chances, I and a lot of fans are waiting that the Booster Gold issues is resolved as soon as possible.

Movie review Edge of Tomorrow


Every year we get a Hollywood flick based on certain pop culture material that is not marketed properly and yet it turns out to be a classic. Doesn’t matter if it doesn’t do as good as rest of the summer blockbusters but it definitely makes a statement.

In the times when Marvel and DC movies are ruling the box office no one takes a movie made on Japanese Light Novel seriously. It seems to be lost in the crowd but you know that it is out there somewhere.

The movie is centered around Major William Cage who dies while fighting with aliens called Mimics only to find himself awaken 24 hours before he goes into the battle. Cage lives the same 24 hours over and over until he starts wondering whats going on and contacts Seargent Rita Vrataski played by Emily Blunt who realizes what is happening to him.

It turns out that since he killed the Alpha he has got a power to reset each day after his death and sense the Omega mimic when it is nearby which once killed will kill all the mimics hence Cage’s training begins to succeed in the battle.

The story goes in its natural pace that it never sounds out of place or boring. Performance by the actors is top notch and after a long time Tom Cruise is seen with a new style and persona. Director Doug Liman (Bourne Identity, Mr. and Mrs. Smith) surely knows how to make an action movie worth watching.

Rating 4/5

Seeding Future’s End in New 52


The Legion of Super-Heroes #23 finales seems a bit important for things to come in the DC Comics New 52.
Below are SPOILERS from August 2013′s LOSH #23 and year one and year two issues of Legion Lost, #10 and its finale in #16.
You probably already know the Legion of Super-Heroes was cancelled and the speculation about what some panels from its conclusion could signify or even undo.
The book sees the Legion of Super-Heroes asked (ordered?) to disband.

At this point we can speculate that it could be a multiverse crisis similar to the Crisis series from pre-New 52. As you can see that there are 4 Mr. Terrific being display in the image from different universes and they might not be all good as Grifter is shooting at one of them. There is also a robin which can be from the past, present, or an entirely different universe. Looks like Lois will play a role in the event. It might be something similar to the one she played during Flash Point. Booster Gold is also in the image and he played a prominent role in the Dc Comic weekly 52 that led to Infinite Crisis . All signs point to a showdown of infinite Earth (Well 52 of them at least). There are other things to point out such as Superman, Hawkman, and the ship in the background but there is not enough information to work off. Sound off in the comments if you spot more hints to Futures End.

Original Sin – Three characters who likely killed the Watcher



After a long long time Marvel comics is up with a series that is as good as Civil War and Secret Invasion and the way it is proceeding it is supposed to reach the same level with coming issues.

One question that everyone is busy guessing is that who killed the watcher and here are my guesses.

3.    Dr. Doom – It’s been a long time since Dr. Doom was relevant to any storyline but that is not a reason for him killing Uatu. Doom is known for making hatching schemes that he can go as far as he can to protect even when he knows Watcher wont interfere why take a risk.


2.   Dr. Strange – Another Doctor you must be thinking but Strange has been into messy stuff before and probably sold his own soul. Few issues earlier he recruited help of Punisher and has wiped Captain America’s mind. Punisher is known to get away with murder so what if Dr. Strange mind controlled him into killing Uatu and then wiped his mind. What actually happened will be seen in coming issues

1.   Red Hulk – For a key player and known as an investigator Rulk is mysteriously absent from the entire series till now makes me wonder why. Red Hulk is known to gather information by whatever means possible but can he go as far as killing Uatu and taking his eyes, well he can. He has punched The Watcher before and went on toe to toe with Silver Surfer thanks to Loebforce also Red Hulk has used Huge weapons earlier so he makes a top suspect of killing all seeing all knowing Cosmic Entity known as The Watcher.


I don’t know why but even after 3 top suspects my mind says that it might be Richard Rider who might have made his hands dirty by killing Uatu. This is the best way to bring Rider back in 616 universe storyline and Uatu is the only guy on whom Rider should be pissed because he didn’t help him. If my guess is true then the original Nova might be coming back pissing off a lot of fans in process.

Or what if it is Black Bolt, he blinded Uatu in Earth X series to prevent him from seeing him release Terrigen mist in Earth’s atmosphere. Also he is absent since Thanos allegedly killed him during Infinity storyline before which he released Terrigen Mist.


Continuity Errors of the future past – Review and other thoughts. *Minor Spoilers*


X-Men: Days of the Future Past was one of the most anticipated comic book movies and was said to be Singer’s most anticipated project. Did it work, check out my review?

Days of the Future Past in a nutshell is a movie where Wolverine from future travels in past with help of his Mutant friends, into his younger self’s body to meet his mutant friends to save Wolverine and his mutant friends from apocalyptic future that is in store for Wolverine and his mutant friends. Wolverine also replaces Cable and Bishop as in house time traveller instead of the ones who are actually in the source material.


I am not hating on this movie. If you see it as a standalone movie then it is brilliant. No wonder it is doing so well worldwide. But the moment you starting looking at it with respect to previous X-Men movies a massive shitload of issues start coming up. Singer has tried his best to compromise story for visual effects and action scenes that till far is of best quality. A large part of this movie is wasted on dynamic of Xavier-Magneto-Mystique that is nowhere close to the chemistry Vaughn did with X-Men: First Class, in second half it gets even feely that at a point I yawned. 90% of the cast along with Peter Dinklage is underused but that is now so common with all the X movies. Something I’ve learned for X movies are that the characters who are promoted the most are first to die or get least amount of screen time. Michael Fassbender and Jenifer Lawrence shine up high and they steal the show with their acting. Not to forget the stunt scenes Lawrence has performed are simply splendid. Singer trying to fix the franchise creates more continuity errors because in the end of the day it is implied that original X-Men trilogy is in same universe as First Class.

I don’t know why every review is saying that Quicksilver steals the show. Yes he does something in 5 minutes of his pentagon sequence that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine has failed to achieve in 6 solo movies. For me Bink’s sequences were the most amazing part of this movie. Her teleport sequences are so beautifully choreographed. I’d like to see more of her and Quicksilver in future X movies but it is more likely that she gets wiped out of continuity by the time movie ends.

Now let me tell you about the massive ego Bryan Singer has, not only with Marvel studios where he used Quicksilver for 15 minutes and promoted him as he is part of the main cast of the movie but with his own franchise. He has tried his best to neglect the story and continuity set by Matthew Vaughn with First Class. It is implied that apart from the 3 main characters and Hulk-Beast (Yes that is a term now) everyone is killed. In the end it is all about X-Men franchise and Bryan Singer and no one else.


Trying to fix the franchise X-Men 3 is now gone out of continuity and along with it events of James Mangold’s Wolverine no more exist as well. He could have gone with a total or soft reboot for the franchise but he was too busy saving everything that he created and wiping everyone else’s work from the franchise.

Now let’s talk about some continuity errors. No I am not going to tell you about how Pokemon Trask are two different people in this and X-Men 3 (Pokemon coz he must have evolved in future) or how Quicksilver in X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a 8 year old kid, a movie that will take place a few years after this movie.

It is implied that Mystique at some point was captured and was experimented upon but when, in X-Men 3 she was depowered so unless Trask was so optimistic that he kept waiting for Mystique to gain her powers again there is no explanation when Sentinels were designed on her gene patterns.

Talking about Sentinels, if there were sentinels in X-Men universe since beginning then why they were never mentioned other than that one danger room training sequence. Also when Magneto attacked Liberty Island in first X-Men movie where were they?

Professor X is seen walking in this movie after compromising his powers, but we saw him atleast twice walking with his mind control powers intact. First when he and Magneto go to recruit young Jean in flashbacks of X-Men 3 and when he appears in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Did I say Professor X and Magneto went to recruit Jean together, well there is still no explanation for that since now they are bloodthirsty enemies and Magneto escaped once again. Also I remember Charles said that he made Cerebro with Magneto’s help, well lol.

Also if The Wolverine never happened, then how come he wakes up in Xavier mansion with strands of white hair? If he never lost his claws and the healing factor that means his aging process is not more affecting him that means he is no more growing old.

*End Spoilers*

Now from general audience’s point of view I noticed something interesting. A lot of people while getting out of theaters were talking about how Bryan Singer’s Quicksilver is the same grown up Quicksilver we saw in Strucker’s captivity. Since X-Men franchise is very much based on capturing and experimenting on the mutants so people kind of believe that Aaron Taylor-Johnson is simply playing the older version of Evans Peters’ character. Keep in mind that they unlike us don’t read as many newspapers and interview and are not keen on knowing what studio rivalry is. This may work in Marvel’s favor when we start getting promos of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Also the sentinels design looks a lot like Destroyer from Thor. People actually thought that sentinels are actually based on same blueprints from where Coulson’s gun was made because you know fire breathing dragons like huge robots are probably made on same design. Someone even said that Tony Stark must be involved in Sentinel creation.

And talking about Wolverine, Hugh Jackman is an amazing actor and he truly brings Wolverine to life on screen, I hope one day he’ll team up with original Avengers on screen and I’ll cry my eyes out. Just that they are overdoing him. He is like the center of X-Men movie universe that should not be. One creepy thing X franchise is moving to is that next time we’ll see Wolverine in X-Men: Apocalypse, Jean and Cyclops will be a part of the team and both will be teenagers while Wolverine will be a 100 year old by then. The timeline will coincide with original X-Men trilogy when Jean grows up to be an adult and has a love affair with Logan. I mean Logan hitting on a girl he knew since she was a 16 year old is too creepy even to think about it.

X-Men movies have always been my guilty pleasure. Singer has worked really hard to connect most of the movies as best as he could, but continuity flaws are going to be there, it is not something one can ignore. This could have been a lot better if there was more concentration on the story rather than CGI but there is nothing one can do about it. The movie is still better than The Amazing Spider-Man 2 but just a little bit behind Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It fails to creates any new standards but it seems Singer has a lot more amaze kept in store if he is involved in future projects is something we’ll see.

My rating 4 out of 5


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